Eagles Spring 2019 Team Practice Schedule


Eagles Spring Team Practice Schedule Below

Please pay attention to the field assignment below the time on each day.

Revolution Academy Coaches (coaching on highlighted days):

Revolution Coach
 Revolution Coach

Doc Kevin Friel

Eagles Practice Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
U9 Purple(Coed) R1A 5.30-6.45PM       R1A. 5.30-6.45PM
U9 White(Coed)   R1B. 5.30-6.45PM   R1B  5.30-6.45PM  
U9 Academy   R1A 5.30-6.45PM   R1A  5.30-6.45PM  
U11(Boys) Hayes R1A. 6.45-8.15PM       R1A. 6.45-8.15PM
U12(Boys) Hanley R1B. 6.45-8.15PM   R1A. 6.45-8.15PM    
U15(Boys) Konopka R1C. 6.45-8.15PM   R1C. 6.45-8.15PM   R1C. 6.45-8.15PM
U11 (Girls) Friel   R1C. 5.30-6.45PM   R1C. 5.30-6.45PM  
U13 (Girls) Bell   R1C. 6.45-8.15PM   R1C. 6.45-8.15PM  
Junior Revs(Boys & Girls)     R1A. 5.30-6.30PM    
Revs Goalkeepers(8-11)       R1B. 5.30-6.30PM  
Revs Goalkeepers(12-16)       R1B. 6.30-7.30PM