Opening Weekend Instructions



Spring 2018 Season Opening Weekend

Opening Postponed until Saturday May 5th

I'm a coach where do I go?: Be at your game field 30 minutes early to park and make sure you know where to go. Please make a sign if possible to identify yourself for your team. 15 Minutes before your game, make your way to your designated field. Use the schedule and the field maps below to make sure you're going to the right place. U8 and U10 Games are at Rider Field. U4 and U6 teams are at Buckley (Hood) Field.

My child is playing, where do I go?: Once you’ve read through the following items, find out which field you should be going to based on the schedule. Board members will be manning Derry Soccer Club tents/tables at both Rider field and Barka (School) field. Your coach will be at your designated game field 30 minutes prior to the game. If you need help finding your coach or field come to the tent. Please come see us if you have questions, we'll do our best to help.

Timing: Parents, have players at the field for your session at least 15 minutes early. This will give you time to find your field and coach and get your Jersey from your coach if you purchased one.

Hawks Jersey, when will I get it? Can I still get one?: Player's that purchased jerseys during registration will receive them from their coach at the first game. If you would like to puchase a jersey at this point go to the Club Store to order.

Can I buy a ball?: YES! We will have size 3 balls for U4 and U6 at Barka school field and size 3 and 4 at Rider for sale for $10 each. Size 4 is for U10 players. Please write a check to the club or provide $10 in cash.  We will not be able to make change. We will have a limited supply.

Which Field Should I go to?: Please check the schedule by CLICKING HERE and selecting your group so you know which field you will be at.

**Please help us keep the fields clean, we had a lot of trouble with trash last season**


Click on the name of the field below you will be at for further instructions.


RIDER FIELD (U8 and U10)





Address: 38 Tsienneto Rd, Derry, NH 03038

Parking: Please be safe and park close enough to ensure we can fit everyone in the lot during each session. Do not park in the area directly in front of the tent. Cars need to be able to go around the lot to exit. Once your game is over don’t stick around too long.  We need to make room for the next session.

Please come to the tent as indicated below if you need help or would like to purchase a ball. Otherwise go to the field marked on the schedule and find your coach.  The image below will show you where you should be.




Address: 21 Eastgate Rd, Derry, NH

Please come to the table if you need help or would like to purchase a ball.  Otherwise meet up with your coach. The image below will show you where you should be. U6’s have their first session, followed up by U4’s and then a second U6 session.  Please review the schedules.